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34rd Annual Benefit Concert for NMW
Sunday, June 7, 2015, 2-6pm- The Garden, 2701 Monterey Ave. Soquel, CA

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  • Rowland and Pat Rebele
View of the agp2010 Wine Bar by Ian Arellano

Silent Auction and Wine Bar

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    Dancing at the Avant Garden Party!


    as in


    New Music Works wraps up season 35 with its open-air, surprise-filled festival!!

    Delicious Flavors of Music & Gourmet Dining throughout~
    Killer Wine Bar and Dancing – to boot~Aza
    A Silent Auction worth talking about!


    SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO CHEF "INDIA JOE" SCHULTZ (of India Joze fame), Honoring the valiance and generosity of Joze's
    contributed cooking on behalf of New Music Works - YEAR 35!!!




    AzaAZA ~ Awarded Moroccan "Artist of the Year" traditional Berber Music of the Atlas Mountains

    AzaRiviere & Simon:
    flutist Vivian Simon
    and guitarist Pablo Riviere ~ Brazilian jazz


    AzaSinging Wood Marimba Ensemble ~
    Director, Laura Mellon


    AzaBill Walker ~ Electric
    (slide & processed) guitar


    The Ariose Singers
    ~ Einojuhani Rautavaara's Suite de Lorca,
    and more. Director, Drew Lewis

    AzaJennifer Cass
    ~ harp music by
    Lou Harrison and John Cage




    Gourmet delicacies: Chef India Jozseph Schultz
    served non-stop, free with price of admission!

    Premium Wines & Gung-Fu Style Tea Pouring (offered by Hidden Peak Teahouse)

    Which includes rare original artwork from composer Lou Harrison*

    Find To die-for deals of the new century!

    Come join us and indulge your ears, palate and eyes.

    Benefit your senses and NEW MUSIC WORKS



    Gourmet food plate by India Joze
    Food by India Joze

    "The Garden"
    2701 Monterey Ave.
    Soquel, 95073

    Avant Garden Party Slideshow
      • Cost of admission includes food, served throughout the day.

      • General: $35 advance $40 at door
        $20 advance $23 at door
      • Senior: $30 advance $35 at door
        $15 advance $18 at door
      • Student: $15 advance $20 at door
        $10 advance $13 at door
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In a Dell - Lou Harrison 1987

by Charles Hanson
(Charles was Lou's assistant and friend for the last 20+ years of the composer's life)

In a DellLou Harrison loved forests. Up close, driving through, in every discipline of art, in the backyard, and from far away. He thrived in deep hidden glens, orchards, and the billowing woods of John Constable. It was a continuous theme in his music and poetry, and also in his works on "paper" from early childhood through the end of his life.

At home, every few months or less, there would be a change-out of art on the many walls. He might say, "Let's do a wall with art by close friends", or "Let's gather up all Claude Lorraine's work, or Manny's (Manuel Santana) vibrant colors to Mexicate the guest room.

Making art on paper was one of Lou's harder-to-find-time-for-pursuits. They were done, for the most part, hastily with a plein air sense; gripping the moment, for any moment now there would be a request from others or from himself to get back to work on the next in line projects.

When travelling to San Francisco from Aptos, Lou always preferred the coastal route with the sweeping views and more importantly the small pockets of woods scattered all the way north to Rockaway. [From] That first cozy tunnel of trees on both sides of the narrow highway, where San Mateo County begins, suddenly becoming darker and private, would always elicit as a child's exclamation; "Oh, How I love the trees", sitting up, alert, to watch the feeble sun's ray's trying to make it through. A smugness even, as though possessed of a power or control over that every day play of shadow and light.

Further still, North, all the way to that dropping down point several miles after Devil's Slide, where the road passes through a thick swath of trees, sculpted from the constant cold wind, a pocket of protection blanket-wrapped as securely as before. There, in those short twists of road Lou would always exclaim, "I love this forest. I really am a Dendrophile!".[1]

Every once in a while someone still stumbles upon a page, a sheet of paper, or a scrap torn from a notebook with a bit of calligraphy or a simple musical sketch, slipped into a book, or in a box of "ephemera". Sometimes it is more difficult to ascertain origins and dates but still, above all, the fun is in the finding.

And so we learned: Lou donated this piece to "Give your Heart to the Arts" auction -- a fund -raiser for the Cultural Council, (renamed the Arts Council). Someone outbid someone else and off it went. It has had its own incredible journey of many walls and scrutiny's. It's fun to think that during those 28 years hanging on one wall or another, positioned so as to not fade in direct sunlight, maybe in the guest room, so many people looking deep inside it with a sense of intrigue and being invited to join that lone figure ...considering.

Here, in this drawing of pens and pencils and washes we want to sit with our contemplative friend.

[1] *Dendrophilia (or less often arborphilia or dendrophily) literally means "love of trees".
The term may sometimes refer to a paraphilia in which people are sexually attracted to or sexually aroused by trees. [But not in this case!]