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New Music Works 2015-16 Season Schedule
Oct 2015 - June 2016
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BEYOND BORDERS –-- New Music Works 2015 -16
music and the spirit of imagination have no boundaries

New sounds from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and our own neighborhood

Season Sponsor: Rowland and Pat Rebele

2015-16 Guest Artists
AZA; Etty Ben-Zaken, vocalist; Sarah Cahill, piano; Kate Campbell, piano; Paul Contos, saxophone; The Ariose Singers


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Sponsored by Cabrillo College Music Department

NIGHT OF THE LIVING COMPOSERS Saturday, Oct 24, Samper Recital Hall, Cabrillo College 7pm - Composer and Performer Discussion Panel. 8pm - Concert

Guest Artists: Paul Contos, saxophone; Kenny Hill, guitar; nMw Ensemble, Phil Collins, Conductor

Paul Contos

The recent works of eight local composers display spectacular range and talent. Chamber ensembles, soloists, and diverse use of electronic media.

Steed Cowart, Handel Flowing (2014) electronic media
Kenny Hill, There and Gone (2010) guitar solo
David Kant, Variation XXVII (Quartet for Ruth) (2012) string quartet with electronic media
Scott Stobbe, Matrioska (2014) clarinet, violin, marimba, piano (world premiere)
David A. Jaffe, Dybbuk (1980) two violins, viola, clarinet, piano, offstage mandolin
Phil Collins, Water Muse (2014) flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, trumpet, trombone, bass (Water Muse is performed concurrently with Handel Flowing)
Steve Ettinger, Balinese Blossoms (2015) alto saxophone, violin, piano
Michael McGushin, String Quartet (2015) (world premiere)

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Sarah Cahill


Sponsored by Hill Guitar Company

3pm, Sunday, March 6, Peace United Church of Christ

Sarah Cahill makes a return visit, following last season's transcendent performance. Sarah's program brings together a unique blend of international scope and American experimentalism.

Angel's Steps Eitan Steinberg; Chaconne Sofia Gubaidulina, & works by Nydia Pereyra-Lizaso, Johanna Beyer, Marc Blitzstein, Alejandro Caturla, Phil Collins, John Kennedy, Pauline Oliveros, Amadeo Roldan, & Lois V Vierk

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8pm, Sat. April 16, UCSC Music Center Recital Hall

(Music by composers from Middle Eastern countries)

Etty Ben-Zaken, vocalist; Kate Campbell, piano; The Ariose Singers, Drew Lewis, Director; nMw Ensemble, Phil Collins, Conductor; Eitan Steinberg, Guest Composer

Etty Ben-Zaken

Eitan Steinberg & Etty BenZaken

Kate Campbell

Kate Campbell

Ma'ayan Tsadka

Ma'ayan Tsadka

The Ariose Singers

The Ariose Singers

The beauties of Middle Eastern musical traditions rarely resonate on our shores.This concert circumvents political impasses of the day and offers a unique opportunity to hear extraordinary music by composers from these distant countries.

ExterritoriaX (2012) Ma'ayan Tsadka (Israel/U.S.) clarinet, trombone, cello, piano
Mavi Yolculuk (Blue Journey), Mesut Özgen (Turkey/U.S.) flute, cello, guitar
The Little Boy and Ah Sunflower!, Saed Haddad (Jordan/Berlin) chamber choir
Assembly of the Souls, Eitan Steinberg (Israel) vocalist, flute, clarinet, accordion, piano, percussion, violin, viola, cello
In te anime meus tempora metior, Karim Haddad (Lebanon/France) soprano, horn, electric guitar, bass drum electronics
[No.9:3] for Solo Piano & Chamber Orchestra, Emre Sihan Kaleli (Turkey/Austria) flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin I, violin II, viola, cello, double bass

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2-6pm, Sunday, June 5

"The Garden" 2701 Monterey Ave., Soquel

The FULL AZA!! The phenomenal AZA sextet, led by co-founders Fattah Abbou and Mohamed Aoualou, bring the best of Moroccan Berber music to Santa Cruz; The Ariose Singers perform music by Saed Haddad and other works; nMw Ensemble perform chestnuts of the 2015-16 season.
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